Phoenix MT202-PCO Duet Personal Speakerphone
High quality microphone for large pick-up range, Powerful built-in speaker, Full duplex communication, Echo cancelling, Noise suppression, Automatic gain control, Plug and play, External loudspeaker connector, Durable aluminum casing, LED lit control buttons,
Compatible with PC (Windows and Linux) and Macintosh (MAC OS)
€ 175.00 175.0
Phoenix Solo USB Microphone
USB Conference Microphone with Echo cancellation and Noise Suppression designed for web conferencing
(requires external loudspeakers)
€ 145.00 145.0
Phoenix – Condor Microphone array MT600
Multi-microphone array with built-in SIP phone
€ 1500.00 1500.0
Phoenix Smart Spider MT503 speakerphone
Phoenix Smart Spider Speakerphone. USB gebaseerde speakerphone voorzien van geavanceerde ruisonderdrukking.
Geschikt voor middelgrote tot grote Vidyo setups
€ 689.00 689.0