Managed hosting and support

From simple web applications to complex cluster solutions. The McNolia datacenter is equipped for a broad spectrum of hosting issues where you can count on a reliable, secure environment for your applications and servers

McNolia hosting is highly secured. The data center is surrounded by steel fencing and equipped with Vesda fire detection, Argonite fire extinguishing system, CCTV and biometric access control. The location is manned 24x7 by professional guards.


McNolia can handle your entire office IT and mail environment, intranet and e-business activities from the McNolia data center. You can contact us for hosting e-business applications, websites, mail servers, vpn gateways and intranet applications.
McNolia has a lot of experience with hosting but also developing 'complex' web environments. This also allows us to provide full application management.


In order to keep your application optimally available for the users, maintenance is sometimes required. This may involve installing updates or upgrading the technical components of the server. It is also possible that something does not function as it should. In both cases you can rely on our support experts. If necessary, they are ready for you 24x7 to act immediately by examining the problem and intervening or advising you on the best solution. 


The availability of servers and applications is essential for many users and organizations. More and more IT solutions are the core of many companies and therefore their loss can lead to major disruptions in business operations. To monitor the health of your applications and servers, we monitor them day and night. As a result, we can often proactively intervene before a problem occurs.
In order to ensure that you know exactly where you stand in the event of disruption or maintenance, we make clear agreements about this that we record in an SLA that we include in the hosting contract.

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