Analysis Specification

For every project, but certainly when you outsource a development project, it is important that you specify your requirements clearly, correctly and completely. The same applies to building an application as when you make a concrete product. Every change later in the process takes more time, effort and therefore costs to have it applied.

Also, a web application project should not become too large in terms of construction hours and lead time before a delivery takes place. That is why a good alignment of the online strategy with the business is important and a correct division into partial deliveries. These can then be thoroughly tested and accepted by the businesswhen delivered. When doing business online, it is not always clear in advance what the results will be when of the designed concept, and all too often the business users do not have a clear idea of what an application should look like and what it should do exactly.

That is why our analysts / consultants work with a clear method that covers all these aspects. Our consultants have extensive experience in specifying (web) applications in a large number of website, portal and eCommerce projects. In an appointment we can show you how to get from a conceptual idea to the complete requirements definition and later the delivery of the final site or application and we sketch-up your  idea of a web application.