About McNolia

McNolia (sinds 1998) is specialist op het gebied van software architectuur & ontwikkeling, software integratie, applicatie ontwikkeling en hosting.

De afgelopen 19 jaar heeft McNolia als hoofdaannemer grote internet en software projecten gerealiseerd voor grote spelers in de zorgverzekeringsmarkt en commerciele sector. Varierend van internet winkels tot klantenservice websites.

McNolia often has a long collaboration with its customers (4+ years). This is because McNolia deeply engages in the business of its customers and is therefore a full-fledged sparring partner. After all, the majority of software development projects relate to core processes within the organization / business of the customer. McNolia understands very well how IT can be used to achieve strategic benefits. 

McNolia is an informal but professional company with passionate employees who in their field can be counted among the best in the industry.