Do you need technical assistance with regard to our products, services or technology? We like to help you!

After the developed application has been taken into production, you as a customer naturally want to meet the predefined strategic objectives regarding visitor numbers and online sales. It is absolutely essential that the application is always reachable with a short response time. We provide the necessary support to ensure that you can sleep safely and your eBusiness just continues.

In the course of time, in response to the experiences of visitors to your site or webshop, there will also be a desire to make adjustments. These adjustments are often too small to set up a project team, but you want to implement them as quickly as possible and with as little interruption as possible. In many cases we have developed and documented the application and therefore we can continuously develop and adapt your application incrementally. This can be arranged in many different ways and we are happy to inform you about the possibilities. We are also open to support applications developed by other parties.

If for any reason you want your application to be supported elsewhere, the frequent application of open source software by McNolia in its projects offers you, as a customer, the flexibility to relocate it somewhere else. In that case, we provide the correct documentation and ensure a correct transfer.

How do we help you?

We work with a 3rd-line procedure. Your support question comes in on the 1st line of McNolia, the support department. The support department handles your question or switches on the 2nd line depending on the complexity and priority of the problem or question. For all our products we have a specific IT Security or infrastructure specialist. If there are hardware or specific software problems, we will contact the technical specialist of the manufacturer.

Important information regarding the support
For technical support you must have a valid support contract;
Outside office hours we are available if you have a valid 7x24 support contract.

Please  contact us if you like to here more about the possibilities.