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Cloud videoconferencing is one of the fastest-growing cloud UC applications. As an IT manager, you may be looking to the cloud to rapidly deploy video collaboration.
But until now, you had to accept the status quo of mediocre quality as the trade-off for the flexibility, scale, and affordability that cloud delivery provides.


For organizations that need high quality video conferencing and want to avoid burdening their IT staff and resources, VidyoCloudTM is a hosted video collaboration solution with a global footprint that provides the highest quality available in any network environment. 
And for large, geographically dispersed organizations, VidyoCloud’s numerous points of presence around the world provide the best performance for your remote users across distance and time zones. 

In fact, VidyoCloud delivers industry-leading performance at the extreme ends of the quality spectrum. In network challenged environments, like mobile and wireless, VidyoCloud offers unsurpassed error resiliency, and can even adapt to 20% packet loss – more than double the industry average. In robust network environments that leverage 4k and 5k displays, VidyoCloud delivers the most stunning quality imaginable, up to 16x better than the status quo 720p. 

IT Benefits

  • Easily deploy, scale and support
  • Meet enterprise security standards with TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 128-bit encryption
  • Support interoperability with third-party H.323 and SIP based systems , and Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Enable external participants to participate in video meetings
  • Count on superior performance over the public Internet and wireless with patented dynamic adaptation technology

End-User Benefits

  • Click-to-connect simplicity plus built-in calendaring support
  • Experience up to 4K quality video and shared content
  • Connect from virtually any desktop or mobile device
  • Dial-in support for voice only callers
  • Host multiparty conferences or call participants directly for ad hoc sessions
  • Pop out content sharing into a separate window or display
  • Allow Microsoft Skype for Business
    users to easily join VidyoCloud
    meetings, and support bi-directional
    content sharing 

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